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RESO is specialized in the marketing of eggs and ovo products. Managed by Nadia and Jean-Claude RIVET, descendent from a ancient family of egg farmers and producers. They bring their respective expertise from egg for several generations' cooperation with professional and demanding clientele.


  • Exchanges of professionals to professionals of the egg
    • France / France
    • Intracommunity (any country)
  • Marketing of shell eggs with the distributors of the RHD and the Bakery / cake shop and pastry shop
  • Marketing of eggs with the "discount" markets, "soft and hard-discount"


  • Eggs and ovo products intended for the professionals of the industry of the egg
    • Eggs of cage
    • Eggs descending from alternative productions: barn, free-range and organic
    • Ovo products in tanker between professionals of the industry of the egg
  • Eggs of consumption intended for the distribution (RHD and Bakery / cake shop)
  • Packed eggs for household consumption
    • Shell egg production from so-called cage, barn, free-range, organic and "label rouge"
    • All packaging: boxes or trays 6, 10, 12, 20, 30 ...
    • All packaging: big "box" and various packages

RESO SARL - Le Poteau - VOUGY - 42720 POUILLY-SOUS-CHARLIEU - FRANCE    -   Legal notice